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Introduction to Insulin – English

Many people with type 2 diabetes need insulin. It’s normal to be nervous and have questions/fears at first. Listen to the stories of ZSFG patients as they learn to use insulin successfully, and talk about some of the hardest questions about living with diabetes and using insulin. more…

Introduction to Insulin–Spanish

Una introducción a la Insulina
Muchos pacientes con diabetes tipo 2 necesitan insulina. Al principio, es normal tener preguntas así como sentir miedo y nervios sobre el uso de la insulina. A continuacion, Seguir…

Introduction to Insulin (subtitles in traditional Chinese characters)


Introduction to Insulin (subtitles in simplified Chinese characters)

许多2型糖尿病患者需要胰岛素 。使用之初,紧张,有疑问和恐惧是正常的。请听ZSFG糖尿病患者学习成功使用胰岛素的故事。以及叙诉一些糖尿病患者在生活中使用胰岛素所产生的最困难的问题。»

Introduction to Insulin (English, Spanish, Cantonese)

Glucometers and Lancing Devices (English, Spanish)

Insulin Pens (English, Spanish)

Basic Nutrition Videos on Carbohydrates (Spanish)

GLP-1 Pens (English)