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Medi-cal Rx (starting Jan 1, 2022)

  • Contract Drug List
  • See this page on Medi-cal Rx website, click on Covered Products Lists in left hand column for the most up-to-date coverage of syringes, pen needles, glucometers, test strips/lancets, continuous glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs

Healthy Worker

Cheatsheet for diabetes medications, insulin, supplies and devices for Healthy SF, Medi-cal Rx and Healthy Worker (updated 6/26/2024)

Pharmacy PA forms

Healthy San Francisco

Medi-cal Rx

Healthy Worker/SFHP medi-cal

Diabetes Education & Empowerment Program by OnLok (Eng / Spa)

“Starting Insulin” Videos
English, Spanish, Chinese TC, Chinese SC

How Sugary Drinks Affect You and Your Child’s Health

English, Spanish

GLP-1 Pen Videos

Victoza (liraglutide) English

Ozempic (semaglutide) English

Trulicity (dulaglutide) English

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program–patient testimonial



Flyers with QR codes/short links to most popular videos:

English, Spanish, Chinese

Basic BG Log: English, Spanish, Chinese

BG + Insulin Log: English, Spanish, Chinese

Understanding Carb Portions: English, Spanish, Chinese, Chinese in English text

Low Carb Snacks: English, Spanish, Russian

Insulin Pen Instruction: English, Spanish, Chinese

Aviva Meter Instruction: English, Spanish, Chinese

Guide Meter Instruction: English, Spanish, Chinese

DKA precautions: English, Spanish, Chinese

General Diabetes


ZSFG type 2 diabetes oral algorithm and prescribing information

ADA 2024 Standards of Care

Searchable Formularies:
SFHP medi-cal
Anthem BC medi-cal
Straight medi-cal

Interested in participating in clinical trials? Learn more about how clinical trials work and why you might want to participate here. For more information about open trials, see this centralized directory updated by UCSF:

type 1 diabetes

type 2 diabetes


Basic/routine self-care (low-literacy)

English, Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese

A1C Goals
English, Spanish, Chinese

“Diabetes Basics: Your Toolkit” Booklet
English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese

ADA “Living Well with Diabetes: A Self-care Workbook”
English, Spanish

NIDDK General Diabetes Info
Bengali, Cambodian, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Samoan, Tagalog, Thai, Tongan, Vietnamese, Urdu

Lumetra “Live Your Life” booklet
English, Spanish, Chinese

Hypoglycemia symptoms and treatment
English, Spanish, Chinese



Diabetes and Ramadan Guidance, or Brief Summary

“Integrative Chinese Medicine Diet”

Nutrition Videos

English What Are Carbs?, Learn about Carb Portions, How Sugary Drinks Affect You and Your Child’s Health

Spanish: What Are Carbs?, Learn about Carb Portions, How Sugary Drinks Affect You and Your Child’s Health

Chinese (simplified characters): What are Carbs?, Learn about Carb Portions, Balanced Meal Planning

Chinese (traditional characters): What are Carbs?, Learn about Carb Portions, Balanced Meal Planning

Food Pharmacy resources (a collaboration between Leah’s Pantry and EatFresh)

  • Youtube channel for past food demos
  • Live food demos with Chef Kevin, every Friday, noon – 1 p.m. Join by Zoom (Meeting ID 827 8261 9736) or by phone (669-900-6833)
  • Hundreds of healthy recipes here with nutrition information



Healthy Plate with Text
English, Soul food, Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, Arabic, Criollo (Eng/Sp) Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mexican (Eng/Sp), Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, West African

Simple List of Carbs and Non-Carb foods
English, Spanish

Low Carb Snacks
English, Spanish, Russian

More advanced

Understanding Carb Portions and Healthy Plate Portions
English, Spanish, Chinese

Carb Exchange List
English, Spanish, Chinese

Using Insulin-to-Carb Ratios and Correction

“How Can I Manage My Type 1 Diabetes Better” booklet 
English, Spanish

General Diet Information

“Lowering Your Cholesterol”
English, Spanish, Chinese

DASH diet

Avoiding the Salty Six
English, Spanish, Chinese

Food Insecurity Resources


***New Provider brochure on food resources in SF (updated 9/2022)***

Get food resources in San Francisco (online search tool)

Project Open Hand website and application

Meals on Wheels


Congregate Nutrition Sites for seniors and adults with disabilities, flyer in English/Spanish (2021)

SF-Marin Food Bank

UCSF’s CHEFS-DM study recruiting (starting 9-2022)

Changing Healthy Through Food Support for Diabetes (CHEFS-DM) is recruiting English/Spanish speaking SF/Alameda County residents with T2DM, age > 18, food insecurity and A1C > 6.5% for 12+ mo of meal/grocery support, groups and 1:1 consultation with dietician. See Provider Reference for full inclusion/exclusion criteria, patient postcard in English/Spanish, clinic flyer in English/Spanish and fillable provider referral form.

Blood Glucose Logs


Basic BG Log
English, Spanish, Chinese

BG + insulin Log + QR codes to videos

English, Spanish, Chinese

BG + Insulin Log
English, Spanish, Chinese

Intensive 6 Day Diet Log + Insulin Log
English, Spanish, Chinese

Testing in Pairs (premeal, postmeal)
English, Spanish



Prescribing Tips for Insulin

“Starting Insulin” flipchart (provider view)
English, Spanish, Chinese

Low Cost Insulin

Novolin ReliOn insulin available at Walmart, available over the counter (no prescription necessary)

NPH, R, 70/30 available (10 ml vials)
Cost about $25 per vial

Walmart Locations in cities of San Leandro, Richmond, Union City and others

Insulin Videos

Introduction to Insulin (English)
Introduction to Insulin (Spanish)
Introduction to Insulin (Cantonese Traditional)
Introduction to Insulin (Cantonese Simplified)


“Starting Insulin” Flipchart (patient view)
English, Spanish, Chinese

“Insulin Basics: Starting Insulin, Using Insulin Effectively” booklet
English, Spanish, Chinese

Insulin pen instruction (English, Spanish, Chinese) and video (English, Spanish)

Using vial/syringe

Blank sliding scale form

DKA precautions: English, Spanish, Chinese



Accu-chek meters customer service in English and Spanish

Explanation of Accu-chek error codes

True Metrix meter customer service in English/Spanish

OneTouch Verio meter customer service in English/Spanish


Guide + Softclix instructions (English, Spanish, Chinese)

Aviva + Softclix instructions (English, Spanish, Chinese) and video (English, Spanish)

Guide + Fastclix instructions (English, Spanish, Chinese) and video (English, Spanish)

Guide and Softclix video (English, Spanish)

GuideMe and Fastclix video (English, Spanish)

TrueMetrix Air video (English, Spanish)

Fastclix and Softclix lancing devices video (English, Spanish)

MySugr app for Guide and GuideMe meters video (English, Spanish, Chinese)

Covid Resources

Pharmacy delivery 
ZSFG outpatient pharmacy now delivers medications at no cost (excluding controlled substances and medications that require refrigeration like insulin, GLP-1 and eye drops). Patient or provider can request, must confirm delivery address and be able to sign upon receipt. Safeway also offers free delivery of medications upon request.

SFMTA is providing the Essential Trip Card, subsidized taxi rides for essential travel within San Francisco during shelter-in-place orders. Patient must be over 65 or have a disability. Call 311 or see website for more information.

Emergency medi-cal
If your patient has problems in filling their medications, they might have a lapse in insurance coverage. Patients can request a 90 -day extension to provide missing documentation in order to renew their medical continuously, and access temporary emergency medical in the meantime. Call the medi-cal office at 415-863-9892 for more help.

Patient Supports


Assessing Diabetes Distress 

Medic alert ID

Free medic alert tags for patients here

Printable order for free medic alert tags here


Diabetes Education and Empowerment Program website (DEEP), general brochure (Eng / Spa)

Pharmacy Refills Handout
English, Spanish



Prescribing Tips for GLP-1s

Cheat sheet for formulary coverage of SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1s (updated 1/13/2022)

GLP-1 Pen Videos


Bydureon Pen Instruction



ZSFG Community Wellness Program 

San Francisco Rec and Park Scholarship Program (50-100% discount to eligible residents, including swimming pools, arts and sports programs). Requirements:

  • Proof of SF residency: e.g., photo ID matching name on utility bill
  • Proof of income (household < 250% of federal poverty guidelines): e.g., prior year tax return, SSI, medi-cal or CalFresh statement
  • Instructions on applying for application on-line, or hardcopy application in English, Spanish, Chinese and Scholarship Agreement in English, Spanish, Chinese
  • Email or mail documents
  • Questions: Scholarship Coordinator Lillian Bautista,, 628-652-2900
  • Mailing address: McLaren Lodge, 501 Stanyan St., San Francisco, CA, 94117
  • Then create a family account on-line or call 415-831-6800 to purchase a swim pass
  • List of San Francisco Rec & Park swimming pools

Food, Nutrition, and Physical Activity Resources for San Franciscans (Website developed by ZSFG nutritionists)


Exercise Tips
English, Spanish, Chinese,

Silver Sneakers is a FREE on-line / on-demand / in-person program offering exercise classes for adults 65+ through select Medicare plans. Check website for eligible and class schedule.

Foot Care


3M Podiatry Referral Guidelines

CMN and O&P Diabetes Shoes Order for medi-cal patients (MD/DO/NP ok)

CMN for Diabetes Shoes/Inserts Order for Medicare patients (only MD/DO may complete CMN after inperson visit with foot exam)

Community Podiatry List


Foot Care Instructions
English, Spanish, Chinese 


List of Dental Clinics (updated 1/2024)
English, Spanish, Chinese

Medi-cal members have Denti-cal as their dental service provider. To see covered benefits under Denti-cal (varies by age), call 1-800-322-6384 or go to Smile California. You can also search for a Medi-cal Denti-cal provider and filter by specialty and language here.

List of Denti-cal providers for dentures: English


Commercial Driver’s License and Diabetes

FMCSA Old vs. New Rules

FAQs About New Rules

California DMV info on commercial drivers licensing (updated Feb 2024)

Medical Examination Report for HCP (MCSA-5875)

Diabetes and Pregnancy

(more info to come)

(more info to come)

Diabetes Technology


Continuous glucose monitors



Insulin pumps





InPen smartpen

Youtube channel for InPen How-To videos

InPen prescription form (for providers), Quick Start Guide, and User Guide

MySugr app

Video set up for Guide and Guide Me meters (English, Spanish, Chinese)

CGM customer service

Abbott: 1-855-632-8658 (Freestyle Libre)

Dexcom: 1-844-607-8393

Insulin pump customer service (24/7)

Tandem: 1-877-801-6901 or Tandem CARE 1-888-738-3646 (T slim)

Medtronic: 1-800-646-4633

Insulet: 1-800-591-3455 (Omnipod)

Beta Bionics: 1-855-745-3800 (iLet)

Ready to learn more about diabetes technologies?

Panther website contains essential resources and guidance to healthcare providers working with diabetes technology. Explore: point-of-care clinical tools for CGM, T-slim, Omnipod and Medtronic pumps, device comparison and in-depth device information is a patient-facing website, “How to find the right diabetes devices for your life” is the clinician-facing side with resources on all current devices including visuals of the device components, videos, details and patient consideration

Check out excellent articles, blogs, videos at Taking Care of Your Diabetes and

“Is the Insulin Pump Right For Me?” (lower literacy booklet in English or Spanish)

DKA precautions: English, Spanish, Chinese

“The Point” e-Newsletter

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June 2024 (Cooking classes, Pre-op adjustment of DM meds, summer DM ed groups)

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May 2023 (Eng/Sp/Cant DM ed groups, CGM in primary care, new web resources)

March 2023 (Ramadan, GLP1 Substitutions, Freestyle Libre reader warning, Spanish DM ed groups)

January 2023 EXTRA (GLP-1 shortages)

January 2023 (Spanish inperson groups, HSF updates, multilingual patient ed materials, diabetes technology)

August 2022 (Spanish inperson groups, CHEFS-DM study, Guide vs. Guide Me meter, DPP hiring)

May 2022 (new videos, DPP video, in-person Spanish education, HSF covers empagliflozin)

January 2022 (cheatsheet of Medi-cal Rx covered meds/supplies)

December 2021 (2 of 2) (Medi-cal Rx updates)

December 2021 (1 of 2) (Diabetes survey, Medi-cal Rx preview)

July 2021 (DDP recruiting, How to get CGM, Maya / Mam speakers)

June 2021 (In-person DM groups, new vidoes, Bydureon Bcise pen)

April 2021 (HSF changes meter, SGLT2/GLP1 prescribing cheatsheat)

March 2021 (glucometers by insurance, DEEP)

February 2021 (launch of external website, Cantonese insulin video)

October 2020 (Medi-cal Rx, glargine update)

April 2020 (Ramadan, remote diabetes care)

March 2020 (remote diabetes care, querying meters)

December 2019 (metformin in the news, Epic tips)

September 2019 2 of 2 (Diabetes Prevention Program, Freestyle Libre)

September 2019 1 of 2 (ZSFG T2DM oral algorithm)

April 2019 (Diabetes Prevention Program, Ramadan)

January 2019 (commercial driving and diabetes)

October 2018 (SharePoint, making sense of new diabetes meds)

February 2018 (lancing devices, Guide meter data management)

October 2017 (pharmacy updates, psychological insulin resistance)

May 2017 (Ramadan and diabetes)

Diabetes Prevention Program

Omada flyer
English, Spanish

YMCA flyer
English, Spanish, Chinese

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program–patient testimonial: English

YMCA DPP Application 

Diabetes Education & Empowerment Program (DEEP) offered by OnLok (Eng, Spa)